Primary 一至五年级特修班

Chinese Oral Class (P1 - 6)

Usage of vocabulary (e.g. people & places) & Classifiers. ~ Enhance oral skills through brain-based training.

Improve reading skills through raising awareness of Chinese as a tonal language with polysemous and look-alike words, and practice reading with appropriate intonation.

Students will hold discussions on various topics (e.g. Local news) to develop their analytical skills.

Regular oral evaluations will be carried out to update parents on the children’s progress.

  • 介绍正确词汇、人物名称。
  • 训练学生正确发音,掌握标准华语 *轻声、变调 *语调、语速、停顿 *语助词、多音多义字
  • 通过社会新闻,分析及讨论,加强学生语 言表达能力
  • 定期测试及
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Drills in Chinese Oral & Compo
(P1 - 6)

Reading Aloud, Picture Description (P1 & P2), be equipped with skills to cope with the video clip conversation segment (P3-P6), enhance self-confidence.

Learn and practice the writing skills through step by step guidance, from oral discussion to formal writing. Usage of beautiful phrases, idioms and adjectives.

Regular oral evaluations will be carried out to update parents on the children’s progress

  • 训练朗读技巧,教导看图说话 (P1 & P2) ,看 录像说话(P3-P6)以及应对会话
  • 提升自信心
  • 掌握写作技巧,把说与写结合,引用优美句 子与 形容,写出一篇好文章
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Primary 1

Curriculum is in line with school syllabus:

A well balance development of the students’ listening, speaking, reading & writing skills.

Strengthen Language Skills

Read short passages and stories to enhance reading skills

Strengthen Writing Skills

Language Exercise: HanyuPinyin, Sentence Construction, Picture Composition

  • 内容与学校课程紧密配合,着重学生在听、 认、读和写的均衡发展
  • 提升语文能力 - 阅读故事,提升阅读技巧 提升书写能力
  • 语文作业:拼音练习、造句、看图写话
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Primary 2

Curriculum is in line with school syllabus

Focus on literacy and reading skills

Master the use of new vocabulary

Improve personal thinking skills

Strengthen Writing Skills

  • 内容与学校课程紧密配合,着重学 生在听、认、读和写的均衡发展
  • 着重识字与阅读能力
  • 掌握新词汇的使用
  • 提升个人思辨能力
  • 掌握写句写话写短文的能力
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Primary 3 & 4

Cover the vocabulary & sentence structure in the school syllabus

Assessment: Matching words, rearranging sentences, sentence completion, sentence construction, choose the correct sentence, complete the dialogue.

Strengthen Language Skills

Integrated comprehension: train the students to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words, so as to comprehend the main points of the passage

Reading stories, newspaper articles, short passages: enable the students to develop discussion & analytical skills

Strengthen Writing Skills

Familiarise with various sentence structures, Picture composition

  • 内容与学校课程紧密配合: 

    - 根据学校单元的生字、生词及句子教学 

    - 语文作业:词语搭配、组词成句、完成句子、造句、 句子选择、完成对话
  • 提升语文能力 - 综合理解,推敲不熟悉词语的意思,归纳内容大意 
- 阅读故事、报章、散文;发展讨论和分析问题的能力
  • 提升书写能力 - 句型的练习,掌握句子的组合规律 - 看图写作
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Primary 5

Curriculum is in line with school syllabus:

Cover the vocabulary & sentence structure in the school syllabus Strengthen Language Skills:

  • Guide students to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary so as to comprehend a passage.
  • Develop discussion & analytical skills.

Language Exercises:

  • (A) Choose the Correct Sentence, Dialogue Completion, Cloze Passage
  • (B) Comprehension – Usage of a wide range of reading materials such as stories, newspaper articles, short passages, reader’s feedback, advertisement, notice, informal note and posters.

Strengthen Writing Skills

  • Practise various sentence structures and master sentence construction.
  • Picture Composition & Descriptive Composition
  • *(The students will be grouped according to Chinese or Higher Chinese Syllabus.)
  • 内容与学校课程紧密配合: 

  • 根据学校单元的生字、生词及句子教学 

  • 语文应用:拼音、辨字、词语选择、完成句子、句子选择、完成对话、短文填 空、综合理解
  • 提升语文能力 

  • 采用真实语料:新闻报导、读者来函、广告、通告、 便条、海报;发展讨论和 分析问题的能力 -以短篇、故事,促使学生进行阅读
  • 提升书写能力 

  • 句型的练习,掌握句子的组合规律
  • 看图作文、命题作文 

  • *(根据小学华文、高级华文课程分班)
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