Empower your learning! Enrich your Chinese language journey with Skylace. A strong foundation from young is the key to gaining mastery of the Chinese Language.

At Skylace, we evoke the passion for learning Chinese through our unique teaching techniques that offer Chinese Language education in a fun and relaxed environment.

In line with the strategic challenge in the enhancement aspect and also the philosophy that we hold – “Embrace. Excite. Engage. Enrich”, Skylace always looks for innovative ideas to push the boundaries of learning potential amongst our students.

Not only we actively improvise our teaching methods and programmes, but also create learning aids to complement our teaching methods. These are some innovative learning aids that we have rolled out in the recent years.

Primary School Effective writing strategies and techniques
小学生 作文技巧攻略

Assessment book

Model essays and highlights of critical learning points Strengthen creative thinking. This book provides many interesting pictures and topics to spark creativity. Besides focusing on the strategies and writing techniques for good compositions, there is also a fine selection of model essays. When students are empowered to write good compositions, they gain higher scores in their examinations and also build the foundation of mastering the Chinese language.


O-level assessment book
MCQ assessment book

《中学议论文论据补贴》Publication of book for Sec School students titled “Supporting Examples To Boost Your O level Chinese Argumentative Essay”.

特别推荐《中学议论文论据补贴》,专为中学⽣选择 的有故事性、容易记忆、,容易理解的例⼦。中学 ⽣们能轻松地阅读,还可以把分⻔别类的论据储存 在记忆中,再进⼀步学习如何巧妙运⽤作为作⽂考 试的利器,帮助中学⽣们踏上愉快的写作道路。

小学《战胜华文 MCQ’s》Pr.1 – Pr.6
Content is based on the latest Primary School Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus Topical vocabulary revision in MCQ format to encourage independent learning. Easy marking and monitoring for teachers!Based on the latest MOE examination format. Includes interesting and inspiring comprehension passages that impart moral values to young children.

《战胜华文 MCQ’s》以选择题为主的辅助教材, 一来可 让学生自行练习,二来也易于家长或老师 批改。我们的理 解篇章也融入公民道德教育意识, 既富趣味性也具有启发 性。家长可以和孩子一起 讨论理解篇章内容及中心思想, 激发孩子的思辨 能力,培养正确价值观;同时也能让孩子 通过朗 读篇章提高口头表达能力及语感。

Wisdom card series

智慧卡系列 WISDOM CARD SERIES: Learn “Chinese Oral” and “Word Recognition” effortlessly with The Wisdom Card Series! “
华文口试 - 看图说话”& “小一至小四 - 全年华文字词”

Effective Methods for Writing Chinese Compositions. Published by Skylace, our teachers have specially edited and compiled 80 essays by our students. This publication is a good tool to prep for Secondary Chinese Exams.
天磊文选 – 中学生作文集 老师为了让学生考前做最充分的准备特别 精选了80 篇作文,让学生们好好学习争取 最佳成绩。

Lower primary assessment book


Chinese Pre-school and Lower Primary - Reader series (Audio Book)Chinese Reader series "Tong Du Tong Xin" Chinese Audio Book comes with Preschool and Primary School Series. The Preschool series consist of character building stories that allow children to learn good values and traditional virtues such as courtesy, care and share. The stories in the Primary School series are compiled by using the vocabulary taught in the Primary One and Primary Two Chinese syllabus. Children are able to revise the vocabulary effectively while reading the stories.

有声书籍阅读系列分学前和小学两个系列 学前系列包括了建立品格的小故事,让孩童们从故事中学习 分享、关爱以及礼貌等优良的传统美德,并对自己的生活有 所感悟。小学系列利用一年级和二年级课本单元字词编成有 趣的,让孩童在阅读的同时,有机会复习生字生词,达到 “多看、多读、多用”的学习效果。我们还配合每个故事, 设计了有趣的练习活动,以巩固孩童们的学习。如要进一步 启发孩童们对学习文字、认字的兴趣,以及培养他们阅读的 兴趣,家长们可以从旁教导,一边让他们听光碟,一边指出 对应话语的文字。这样的活动还同时能增进亲子间的感情。