About Skylace

Founded in 1989, Skylace Language School is Singapore's first private Chinese language school certified by the Ministry of Education. As of today, Skylace has seen generations of students strengthen their Chinese competency through Skylace‘s unique and engaging teaching methods. At Skylace, we believe in each student's potential for learning, and with Skylace's teaching pedagogy, a strong command of Chinese is within every child's grasp.

Chinese can be easy with Skylace!

天磊语文中心成立于1989年,是新加坡第一所获得教育部认证的私立华语学校。天磊的老师拥有丰富的经验,且亲切尽责,以生动活泼的教学方式让学生对学习华语产生兴趣。创校至今,已有超过上两万名学生在天磊精心打造的教学模式下,考取了优异的成绩! 天磊相信:只要通过正确的教学方式,每一名学生都能学好语文。 在天磊,学好华语很容易!

Why Skylace?

Skylace supports your child to achieve breakthrough improvement

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Unique teaching methods

Skylace’s teaching methods focus on cultivating students’ independent thinking ability and awareness of current affairs. We encourage students to ask questions, explore multiple solutions, and express their opinions with confidence, developing their critical thinking and confidence. We provide personalised support and coaching to ensure that they are well prepared to face the challenge with confidence.

天磊注重培养学生独立思考的能力, 以及他们对时事 的了解。 我们的目标,就是要学生能够独立思考,拥有自己的 观点,并且能准确地表达出来,从而建立起强大的自 信。 此外,我们的老师也密切关注每个学生的进度,并提 供个性化的支持、辅导与援助,让他们能够怀着信心 面对各种学习上的挑战。

Happy learning environment

We believe that ‘children learn best with what they enjoy most’ and we advocate “Learn through play”. With Skylace’s pedagogical approaches, we develop a child’s potential to attain a strong command of Chinese.

在天磊,我们相信“最喜欢的东西,孩子学得最 好”。因此,我们为学生打造寓教于乐的学习环 境下,通过独特的教学方法,激发学生的学习动 力与潜力,让她们能够更好地掌握华文华语。

Desire to learn

Skylace creates a learning space that projects positivity and respect, ensuring students always feel welcomed and supported. We help students understand their learning goals and realise that learning is an important way to realize their dreams and pursue future goals.

天磊致力于为学生营造积极、愉快,并且充满 正能量的学习环境。更重要的是,我们会协助 学生确立自己的学习目标,让他们知道要实现 梦想、追求更远大的目标,学习是极其重要、 不可忽视的过程。