Parents Testimonial

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“Dear 谷老师, just want to share that Ying En’s Chinese School teacher has feedback that her Chinese has improved overall in her word recognition, speech and written language. I have also noticed her improvement and I believed it’s the collective effort of the good teachers she has! She used to find lessons more difficult but now is enjoying her lessons more too. Thanks very much for your hard work and let’s 加油 together!”

“Gu Laoshi, her school Chinese Teacher says that she has improved a lot. This teacher has taught her from P1, P2, P5 and now P6. So I think Reine really improves a lot from your guidance.”

Irene Tan (家长):
“杨老师的关心与耐心让我的孩子对学习更有兴 趣,处处会为孩子着想。谢谢杨老师”

Gu laoshi
Li laoshi

黄太太 (家长):
“李老师对学生很关爱,常常鼓励他们,并很勤 奋地帮助孩子把华文学好。孩子也喜欢上李老师的班。”

Mrs Chow (家长):
“Would like to thank 黄老师 for her patience and making extra effort to accommodate to Gavin’s learning. 黄老师 has shown her genuine and sincere interest in child’s learning, giving us parents peace of mind and security. Thank you so much.”

Huang laoshi